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    Steampunk Tarot Deck Zelda Triforce Shield 12C. CRUSADER HOLY LAND SWORD
    Steampunk Tarot DeckZelda Triforce Shield12C. CRUSADER HOLY LAND SWORD

    One hundred and fifty years ago, optimistic scientists felt that with gears powered by steam there wasn’t anything the prim and proper Victorians couldn’t accomplish. 

    If you want the ultimate Link costume from the Legend of Zelda, it starts with having authentic accessories. You are guaranteed to look awesome holding it and will earn the respect and admiration of fellow gamers.

    Functional sword




    15C MEDIEVAL HAND AND A HALF SWORD (CLUNY MUSEUM) ARCHER HELMET (THE WAR OF ROSES) Black Bonsai Samurai Katana Sword Carbon Steel With Scabbard
    15C MEDIEVAL HAND AND A HALF SWORD (CLUNY MUSEUM)ARCHER HELMET (THE WAR OF ROSES)Black Bonsai Samurai Katana Sword Carbon Steel With Scabbard

    Functional hand and a half!

    Features:- Features smoothly rounded top and flared neck guard. 16 Gauge steel. Natural leather liner and chin strap. Material:- Steel Description:- This helmet is of the type known as an archer's helm. This shape was commonly seen during the...Our brand new Black Bonsai Samurai Katana Sword is overflowing with custom Samurai styling! The 30" hand-forged 1045 carbon steel blade has a sharp edge, heavy blood groove and shiny brass habaki. The custom-designed handle features imitation ray...




    Black Flying Dragon Katana Sword and Scabbard Black Legion Cyclone Assisted Open Stiletto Set Black Legion Finger Kubaton Dragon
    Black Flying Dragon Katana Sword and ScabbardBlack Legion Cyclone Assisted Open Stiletto SetBlack Legion Finger Kubaton Dragon
    The Black Flying Dragon katana is a beautiful sword! The black scabbard features a painted dragon scene with gold foil accents in the design. The handle has a white nylon cord wrapping with imitation ray skin. The carbon steel blade is polished...Unleash the power of these all-new Cyclone stilettos, only from Black Legion. The assisted-open mechanism powers these blades at cyclonic speed. The razor-sharp stainless steel blades won't let you down! Enjoy two the for the price of only one...This fire-breathing Black Legion dragon is just what you need at your fingertips! This 3 1/2" finger kubaton fits nicely on your keys with the attached keyring. Be ready to defend yourself! Stonewashed finish Attached keyring 3 1/2" kubaton




    Black Legion Odyssey Undead Fighter Set Black Legion Stonewash Butterfly Trainer Knife CELTIC BRONZE SHORT SWORD
    Black Legion Odyssey Undead Fighter SetBlack Legion Stonewash Butterfly Trainer KnifeCELTIC BRONZE SHORT SWORD
    Black Legion's new Odyssey Undead two-piece fighter knife set will equip you well for whatever adventure you have lined up, including taking on an undead horde! Including a fixed-blade knife and an assisted-opening folding pocket knife, this set...Perfect your butterfly knife skills without the ordeal of a trip to the emergency room! This Black Legion butterfly trainer knife offers solid stainless steel construction with a contemporary stonewash finish. The decorative handles add just the...

    A real bronze sword. 




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