2-Headed Dragon
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2-Headed Dragon

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The Two-Headed Dragon is thought to be a cross between a lithe Eastern Dragon and a Hydra, although its origins are the subject of debate. Some think an Eastern Dragon made its way over mountains and deserts to a Hydra’s lair near the Mediterranean Sea, while others posit that it’s more likely the seagoing Hydra swam to new lands and met the Eastern Dragon. In any case, the result is a lightning-fast dragon with two heads, both capable of independent thought and action. The wingless beast cannot breathe fire, yet its fearsome visage has always kept dragon hunters and scientists at bay.


The dragon turned its head away in disgust, two emerald-green eyes staring at the mountain ahead. It looked like a perfect spot for a terrifying dragon to make its home. Deep crevices would provide cover, and large rocks were everywhere for pushing down the hill at intruders. The sun would warm the rocks during the day, keeping the dragon cozy even on cold nights. With this option, who would want to live in a cave?

The dragon snorted in disgust, turning its single purple eye back toward the beckoning mouth of the dark cave ahead. It would be cool and refreshing regardless of the outside temperature, and the darkness would scare off any intruders. The small creatures that scurried inside would provide ample food. With this choice, why would anyone want to live on a mountain?

“Perhaps we can spend days on the mountain and nights in the cave?” 

  • Size: 4.49" L x 3.71" W 4.68" H x ( 11.5 cm x 9.5 cm x 12 cm )