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Debate rages over whether the biblical Behemoth is a mythical creature similar to the Hydra or Pegasus, a living creature like an elephant or hippo; or an extinct but real animal like an Apatosaurus. The creature is described as an herbivore with a swaying tail and powerful limbs, yet so large that no one can capture it.


The Behemoth had lived long enough to hear whispers of these gatherings before. Fell beasts, both intelligent and malevolent, occasionally held councils where they planned centuries of evil deeds. The Dark Dragons had their council of course, as did the humanoids, the witches, cyclopes, and ogres. But the time had come for the greatest evil beasts to meet. Behemoth would have smiled if it were capable of such. Once again, the titans, krakens, basilisks, and other large beasts would gather to recount the past and plan their future deeds. The ground trembled as Behemoth began to lope toward its destination. It would need to hide no more.

  • Size: 4.97" L x 3.71" W ( 12.75 cm x 9.5 cm )