Cave Dragon
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Cave Dragon

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Long ago, as the great dragon families began to divide and show preference for particular environments, the Cave Dragons slunk into the deepest, darkest places of the Earth. In that darkness, they grew larger; their eyes gained the ability of night sight, and they never ceased searching for the deep treasures of the Earth. Cave Dragons still roam the deep places—no force could move them from their cavernous homes. While the world above ground has changed and become much less hospitable for dragons, the world below ground has remained the same for millennia.


The depths of the world are full of fell beasts, and the Cave Dragon is one of the fiercest of all. While several species of dragon are creatures of the night, the Cave Dragon long ago sought out the darkest caverns as its own.

It was the Egyptians, with their incessant digging in desert sands to create tombs and treasure hoards, that first discovered the terror of the Cave Dragon. The disappearance of treasures buried in pyramids and other tombs was blamed on simple tomb robbers, but the pharaohs knew the truth: the treasure stashes were being raided by the Cave Dragon.

Other cultures discovered the same phenomenon. From feudal Japan to medieval England, buried treasure was never safe.

Somewhere deep amid the bedrock, Cave Dragons have collected mounds of jewels, gold, and other treasures, guarding them in utter darkness, their green eyes glowing, waiting.

  • Size: 6.44" L x 5.17" W 3.22" H x ( 16.5 cm x 13.25 cm x 8.25 cm )