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The mother of the race of Centaurs was the cloud nymph Nephele. The father is disputed, but thought to be Ares, god of war. Centaurs certainly live up to their wild patronage, known to be unruly at times, and often associated with the god Dionysus. The warlike hybrids of horse and man appear in many myths, including those of Chiron and Hercules.


The Centaur stomped its hoof and flicked its tail. The horse part of its body satisfied, the massive creature lifted a cup to its very human face and took a deep draught of cool water. It tossed the cup aside and drew up to its full height, flexing its powerful muscles. Strapped to one arm was a wooden shield, already nicked and dented. The other arm held a mace, with a wooden handle and iron tip, scratched and dirty from recent use. The young Centaur was a full member of the herd now. It had survived its first battle, a skirmish with Cyclopes, and now stood ready for the next day’s adventure. A horn sounded. Powerful legs pushed the Centaur forward to join the rest, its hooves clacking on the stones and thumping on the earth. Charge!

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