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The Greek writer Homer gives the terrifying Chimera the abilities of all animals that made up the hybrid. It has the agility of a mountain goat, the power of a lion, and the cunning of a serpent. Taken together, this beast is the stuff myths are made of. However, the creature was far more popular in ancient artwork than in literature, with its likeness emblazoned on countless statues, pottery, and plates. Myths told of a nearly indestructible creature, at least until the hero Bellerophon appeared.


Bellerophon arrived before King Iobates with a strange letter in hand. Unknown to the hero, the letter begged the reader to put Bellerophon to death! King Iobates, not wanting to appear inhospitable, instead sent the hero on an impossible quest: to defeat the Chimera ravaging the countryside. Bellerophon rode the flying horse Pegasus toward his foe, unaware of its power. He was shocked, then, to discover a beast combining the abilities of a goat, lion, and serpent. He was even more shocked when the beast took to the air on strong wings and shot flame across the sky. With only his spear in hand, Bellerophon flew Pegasus as close as he dared and flung the spear, embedding it in the creature’s neck. Its next blast of flame melted the spearhead, ending the Chimera’s reign of terror.

  • Size: 7.02" L x 5.07" W 4.10" H x ( 18 cm x 13 cm x 10.5 cm )