Ghost Dragon
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Ghost Dragon

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Although all dragons live incredibly long lives, Ghost Dragons never die. Long ago, a dragon stumbled upon a magical elixir, and drinking it eventually turned this dragon into a wraith—somewhere between the living and the dead, doomed forever to walk the earth on moonless All Hallows’ Eve nights. One could pass within a few feet without being detected.


The old man peered into the inky darkness, not daring yet to turn on his light. 50 years earlier, on a dark night just like this, he’d discovered a treasure during a routine patrol with his unit of soldiers. He’d told no one, simply burying it at the base of a tree, hoping to return later to find it. Life and history had intervened, though, and it had taken 50 years for him to come back. He’d hoped for moonlight, but there was a new moon this All Hallows’ Eve, just as there’d been the night he’d discovered the treasure. Hadn’t that been All Hallows’ Eve as well? How odd. The landmarks appeared almost out of nowhere. A stone church, a fence, and the now huge tree. This was it. He hurried forward, clumsily turning his light on. The bouncing light caught a new image ahead, somehow darker than the night around it. Nothing. It must be nothing. He ran to the tree and dropped to his knees to dig. Just a foot down, his fingers touched metal, and as he did, the chill night air became colder around him. He turned, squinting into the darkness. Still, all he saw were shadows, some darker than others, swaying, moving, probably the wind. He dug more, then lifted the old metal chest from the soil, setting it beside him and shining his light upon it. At the same moment, a green bony claw clamped down on the chest, startling the old man, who jumped back, his light clattering to the ground. “This is mine,” an impossibly deep and raspy voice said. And suddenly, with a rush of freezing air, a shadow darker than night lifted into the sky, carrying the treasure chest with it.

  • Recommended Age: 4+
  • Size: 5.66" L x 4.68" W 5.46" H x ( 14.5 cm x 12 cm x 14 cm )