Juvenile Dragon
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Juvenile Dragon

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Dragons are slow to develop, sometimes taking centuries just to hatch from their eggs. As babies, they resemble their parents, but with muted features and colors. They quickly grow to juveniles, however, and the stage can last years in some species. While baby dragons almost never leave their nest or lair, juveniles are more interested in the outside world. Their adult features and colors are beginning to become more pronounced, and they desire to test themselves in the wider world. Adults are still very protective of juveniles, though, because it takes such a long time for a new generation to be born and raised.


A young dragon crept quietly through the trees, glad to be away from the protective eyes of its parents. The juvenile just knew it was old enough to explore the forest on its own. It didn’t believe the stories of little men in shiny suits riding horses through the woods. Certainly such creatures couldn’t possibly exist. And if they did, his sharp teeth would scare them away. He tried his fire-breathing. With a poof, a small jet of flame shot from his nose and lit the path ahead, followed by curls of smoke. It wasn’t much, but every dragon had to start somewhere. Finally, he could be on his own and have a little adventure. No one needed to watch over this dragon!

Circling high above in the dark sky, the juvenile’s mother and father flapped their wings silently and followed their young dragon. They couldn’t be prouder.

  • Recommended Age: 4+
  • Size: 4.29" L x 4.49" W 2.73" H x ( 11 cm x 11.5 cm x 7 cm )