Mountain Dragon
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Mountain Dragon

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Among dragons, few are more respected than the mountain dragon, with only the dragon king and sun dragon held in higher esteem among the species. To humans, the massive mountain dragon, with its piercing eyes, armored hide, and formidable spikes, represents one of the most feared of all dragons. Because of their remote homes, however, human contact is limited and mountain dragon populations remain strong.


The mountain seemed to have life still. The mountain dragon had chosen this small coastal city, Pompeii, the humans called it, as a place of respite in his old age. As he’d scratched a cave deep into its side, the mountain began to grumble from its depths. The ancient peak wasn’t ready to be silenced. He shrugged his huge wings and stretched his neck, sniffing deep into the cave he’d recently made his home. Yes, there it was, the smell of fire from within the mountain. Perhaps another home would be best. Still, it wouldn’t do to leave this quiet city behind without at least scaring the locals. The mountain dragon crawled forward, the rumbling noise growing behind him. He stretched his wings and lifted up into the sky, soaring toward the nearby city. He smiled as his far-seeing eyes spied vacationers running for cover. He’d never caused quite this reaction before. The noise from the mountain behind him increased, but he was enjoying the sights and sounds of fear in front of him too much to pay any notice. He smiled again. Maybe he would stay here after all.

  • Recommended Age: 4+
  • Size: 8.97" L x 5.85" W 2.93" H x ( 23 cm x 15 cm x 7.5 cm )