Peace Dragon
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Peace Dragon

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Some dragons stand out above the rest for their unique qualities. The Sun Dragon is known for bringing Dragon Fire to Earth. The Mountain Dragon is the largest. The Peace Dragon, on the other hand, holds a different sort of acclaim. It is considered the wisest of all dragons, and its desire for a peaceful, contemplative life is respected by all other dragons, even those inclined to fire and darkness. The Peace Dragon has never hoarded treasure or been involved in a battle. This simple life combined with depths of wisdom have earned it a special place among the greatest of dragons.


The Peace Dragon sat upon a grassy knoll, watching the sun settle behind green hills. It had been a long day, meeting with various members of the dragon kingdom. The Peace Dragon had convinced a Sea Dragon to move out of a Swamp Dragon’s home. He’d also talked a Fire Dragon out of burning down a Forest Dragon’s home. Now he was tired, yet one dragon remained to hear the Peace Dragon’s wisdom. The fearsome creature approached, skeletal wings rustling and black scales soaking up the last rays of the sun. It was a Ghost Dragon, truly one of the most terrifying of all. The beast wanted advice on whether to continue a centuries-old feud against the descendants of a villager who’d once stolen a dragon egg. The Peace Dragon sighed, knowing how difficult it was to convince any dragon, let alone a Ghost Dragon, to forgive a past slight. But the Peace Dragon quoted the wisdom of the Sun Dragon and the Dragon King, showing the Ghost Dragon the freedom it would feel by giving up this ancient injury. Long after the sun set and the moon rose, the Ghost Dragon shuffled off, convinced to forego its injurious quest and seek new adventures. It had been a successful day for the Peace Dragon.

  • Recommended Age: 4+
  • Size: 4.78" L x 3.51" W 3.71" H x ( 12.25 cm x 9 cm x 9.5 cm )