Smoke Dragon
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Smoke Dragon

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Whereas its closest relative, the Fire Dragon, stays firmly on the ground, the Smoke Dragon prefers to fly high on powerful wings. The two species often appear together, much to the chagrin of defenseless townspeople. Their attacks, featuring hot flames and choking smoke, have been recorded throughout history, although the dragons themselves are seldom spotted. Very few have been willing to brave the wall of fire and smoke to face these malevolent dragons.


Soldiers in iron helmets and chain mail peeked over the crenelated stone walls. Something was out there, some new weapon developed by the neighboring kingdom perhaps. They’d heard a sound like a rushing wind, followed by a ball of fire and an impossibly large cloud of smoke. As the air cleared, they surveyed the darkness outside the castle. All was quiet. No, it wasn’t. A tremor shook the ground, a figure just outside the reach of the pale torchlight. Another ball of flame shot forth from the darkness, exploding against the stones. Smoke poured down from above, and again the sound of wind, like something was flying overhead. This was no natural weapon. Grim-faced men began to shudder, fearing what might step into the light. A roar was answered by a snarl, and two huge beasts appeared in the dimly lit field outside the walls. One was a dragon with three heads, sparks still flashing from its nostrils. The other was a thinner, grey dragon with long wings, its head wreathed in smoke. Fire and Smoke had come. The castle was doomed.

  • Recommended Age: 4+
  • Size: 6.44" L x 4.49" W 4.49" H x ( 16.5 cm x 11.5 cm x 11.5 cm )