Sun Dragon
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Sun Dragon

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Like Prometheus bringing fire to humans in Greek legend, the Sun Dragon first brought the gift of Dragon Fire to Earth. Although several breeds of dragon do not breathe fire, any who can owe their ability to the Sun Dragon. Dating from long before the Age of Dragons, oral tales of the Sun Dragon’s great flight have been passed through countless generations of those who choose to remember the oldest stories of their cultures. Only one Sun Dragon is ever known to have existed. The dragon is thought to fly around the sun, from where it gathered the Dragon Fire it once shared with Earth’s dragons.


The great gathering of the dragon lords, rulers of Earth, occurred just once every 1000 years, and it promised to be even more momentous this year. Rumors swirled about the coming of a new dragon, one who lived beyond the sky. All the great dragon families were present. Dark green forest dragons stood quietly to the side, large mountain dragons and fire dragons jostled in the center. Long, lithe dragons from the east stood to another side, while smaller wyverns flew about overhead. Suddenly, in a flash of impossibly bright light, a new dragon appeared in their midst. It was difficult to even gaze upon, with the symbol of the sun emblazoned across its chest. It stood in silence for a moment, intelligent eyes scanning the suddenly quiet gathering. “I have brought a gift,” a deep, rich voice said. “It is the gift of fire. It is a great responsibility. Who will take such a gift?” Many dragons stepped forth, but some chose not to. From this moment, all would be changed.

  • Recommended Age: 4+
  • Size: 4.19" L x 5.95" W 4.97" H x ( 10.75 cm x 15.25 cm x 12.75 cm )