Twilight Dragon
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Twilight Dragon

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Dark Dragons are closely related to Forest Dragons, yet the family tree split many millions of years ago. Whereas Forest Dragon species tended to grow smaller, develop unique wing shapes, and diversify in color, Dark Dragons adapted to their unique niches and maximized their potential for success by developing darker colors, larger wings, and night vision. The Twilight Dragon is one particularly nefarious species in this family. Many stories about fiends in the night and sudden fires make more sense when viewed through the prism of the Twilight Dragon.


The milk salesman waved goodbye to Mrs. O’Leary as she closed the wooden door to her home. His wagon full of milk, he would start his deliveries in the big city in just a few hours. Chicago might not be as large as some of those massive cities out east, he thought, but it was going places. He passed the barn, where Mrs. O’Leary’s dairy cows lowed quietly in the gathering dusk. Something caught his eye in the pasture. A shadow, a dark spot that seemed darker than the twilight surrounding it. Thinking it only his imagination, the milkman shook his head, but the shape was still there. It looked like part of the night sky was traveling along the ground, not floating, but moving with a regular gait. He chuckled nervously. Surely it was nothing. He continued on, but minutes later, his slow walk home was interrupted by cries for help. Fire? Fire! Nothing could terrorize the closely spaced houses of this Chicago neighborhood like fire. He turned and ran back up the road, seeking the cause of the commotion. It was the barn, Mrs. O’Leary’s barn, full ablaze and already spreading to surrounding buildings. The flames spread like mad, and it was all the milkman could do to escape. Must have been the cows, he thought. Perhaps they tipped over a lantern.

  • Recommended Age: 4+
  • Size: 5.85" L x 4.88" W 4.88" H x ( 15 cm x 12.5 cm x 12.5 cm )